Terry Kelleher - Owner

For over 30 years, Terry Kelleher has been an architect and designer of high performance embedded systems. He has designed products in video, telephony, networking, high performance storage and web applications. With experience in both start-ups and established companies, he has been engaged in product and roadmap planning, engineering management, customer support, outsourcing/off-shoring, corporate mergers and acquisitions. He has led globally dispersed development and architecture teams.

Terry has proven abilities as a manager, a systems architect and a contributing engineer. He has led programs to deliver OEM products sold by some of the largest companies in the computer industry, including IBM, Dell and HP.

Terry was the software architect for Pathlight Technologies' highly successful SAN Gateway product, and has guided product architecture for ADIC, Xyratex and Dataram. He is experienced in cooperative development projects, merged technology programs and contract development work.

Terry has also developed embedded products for wide area networking and telephony. He is experienced with a broad range of microprocessors and micro computers, including small embedded devices (ColdFire, PIC, Atmel), embedded systems-on-chips (i960, XScale, PPC, Cavium Octeon) and high-end parallel computing systems (Encore Multimax, Encore 90, X86, AMD64). He has developed firmware and software in minimal micro-kernel environments (Nucleus+, uC/OS), embedded operating systems (VxWorks, VRTX, Embedded Linux) and in standard operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mach, HPUX, AIX, Solaris, DOS, CP/M).